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Barchan Advisory Services provides assistance to energy industry clients in achieving their business goals.

Barchan’s principals have assisted with evaluation, acquisitions and divestitures, negotiation, and sourcing capital. We have advised on balance sheet structure, cost reduction, improving returns on investment, organizational design and staffing and, improved marketing and operations integrity. We have provided professional witness services on evaluation of oil and gas assets, and helped management teams unlock value and develop strategic frameworks in alignment with corporate intentions.


Barchan Advisory’s principals have over 80 years of combined experience in the North American energy industry. John and Sheila have worked in every facet of the business between them, having broad industry connections, both in Canada and the Lower 48, and are able to tap into deep expertise to meet your needs.

John Reader

“Over the years I have been constantly amazed (and dismayed) by the amount of unwisely invested capital in the energy sector, often resulting in little returns and even severe losses. My goal has been to allow clients to benefit from my experience so they can manage their risks and achieve strong results from any point in the investment cycle.”

Sheila Reader

“I am committed to providing high quality analysis and guidance to our clients to enable them to maximize value and generate extraordinary results from their assets, including both the physical asset base and their human resources.”

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